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13 Billion In Unwanted Christmas Gifts? Not For Long!

Posted on November 21 2019

13 Billion In Unwanted Christmas Gifts? Not For Long!

13 Billion In Unwanted Christmas Gifts? Not For Long!

Did you know that every single year Americans drop roughly 13 billion dollars on unwanted gifts? That means that people are literally buying their friends and family things they don’t want. Let’s be honest, we are all guilty of it. I can remember a few years back buying my brother this really nice pull over sweatshirt. It was a brand that I loved and it was totally my style of clothing. I remember giving it to him and, being my brother, the way he felt about the gift was extremely obvious. I remember saying “you can take that back if you don’t like it“, and sure enough, we took it back that evening.

The problem is, most people aren’t like my brother. They will lead you to believe they like it, then it’ll get put in the closet never to be seen again. Being the co-founder of Brave American, we get to talk to a lot of customers on a daily basis. We’ve calculated that over 50% of the people buying our handcrafted veteran made wooden flags are buying them as gifts. Sometimes it’s for a son or daughter who’s exiting the military. Sometimes it’s for a husband or wife who’s retiring from being a police officer. Sometimes it’s just for die hard American family members who would be proud to hang the flag inside their home or office. Regardless, our products are perfect gifts. Here’s why. If you love America, have been in the military, or maybe you're a first responder, you most likely love the flag. Our wooden flags are very heavy duty and so nicely built that when people hang onto them, they fall in love with them.

 Every year here in Michigan we do a couple of large art fairs. We do this for a few reason. First, obviously, to sell our products, but second, it’s to get the general public's feedback on our products. It’s happened time and time again where someone picks up a flag and their whole facial expression changes. They can’t believe how well they are made, how beautiful they are, and then when they find out they are all veteran made, they have to have one. It’s no different when someone gets one as a gift. It’s a piece they can hang on their wall and it will literally be there for years to come. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

We encourage you to take a look at our handcrafted flags. Of course we’d love for you to buy a t-shirt or a hat, but at the end of the day, shirts get worn out or ruined, hats get lost, but a wooden flag never goes away. The flag never goes out of style. It’s the perfect gift for that special person who loves this country and is proud to hang the flag. We have many different flag options for you to choose from. Check out our wooden flag section on our website today and pick yours up just in time for Christmas!