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6 Ways You Can Display Your Flag in Your Home or Business

Posted on November 18 2019

6 Ways You Can Display Your Flag in Your Home or Business

6 Different Ways You Can Display Your Flag in Your Home or Business

We thought it would be fun to share with you some different ideas on how you can display one of our handcrafted wooden American flags. As owners of Brave American, we get a lot of feedback from our customers, and we love it! Sometimes we just get simple reviews, and other times customers send us pictures and videos of how they displayed their flag. Below you will see some different ways to display it. Although you may not have the exact set up as some of these examples, hopefully it will get you thinking of how you can creatively display your flag.


EXAMPLE 1- Dining Room

Below you will see how this customer displayed this custom blue line flag in their dining room. They ordered it with our black frame which gave it a more elegant and modern look. As you can see, it matched the decor great and added a nice touch on that wall.

EXAMPLE 2- Outside Display

These three customers found space outside to hang their flag. They ordered our flags with the outdoor coating which protect them from the elements. Whether you're hanging them on your deck, patio, on the front of your home, or over you garage, they add a nice patriotic touch to your home.


EXAMPLE 3- Office Setting

These examples are customers who put their flag in their office. This is a very popular option. It’s a great piece to make your office look cool and feel patriotic and it's a business write off! Win win!



EXAMPLE 4- Living Room Setting

These customers hung their flags in their living room. On one, you will see they placed it on their mantel. All of our flags come with hanging hardware but this client preferred to set it on the mantel instead. It looks great! The second customer ordered a vertical flag from us. People who buy vertical flags are typically putting it on a narrow wall. We think it turned out great and is the statement piece of their home!


EXAMPLE 5 - Warehouse Setting

These two customers put their flags in their warehouse. The first photo is in a company's warehouse called Bare Performance Nutrition where they sell supplements. The second is a company called Black Ink Coffee and they sell veteran made coffee. Both are extremely cool looking!


Example 6- RV STYLE!

This client called us with a custom order. He wanted to order a specific sized flag and make it a cabinet door inside of his RV. Him and his wife are retired and they are traveling the country. They wanted to bring the flag with them and thought this would be a great way to do it. We created the flag to the exact size and he installed it. Now instead of a cabinet door, he has an American flag that opens into the cabinet.