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Learn About The Founders

Posted on June 24 2021

Learn About The Founders


We thought it would be fun to share a little bit about the founders of Brave American. As an online brand, it's always helpful to see the people behind the scenes and know who you're buying from.


Matt Smith- Co Founder

Matt grew up in a small town ( less than 4,000 people ) in Mid Michigan. From a young age he knew he wanted to be a business owner and be self employed. Growing up he had a mentor who was an entrepreneur. His mentor taught him that entrepreneurs had a massive opportunity to make real change in the world. Throughout his early twenties, Matt owned multiple local small businesses. Matt is now 31 years old and is the co founder at Brave American. He works in the day to day operations of the company and his passion inside the business is marketing and creating video content that inspires people. His goal with Brave American is to fulfill the mission of hiring veterans while creating a work environment mimicking the brotherhood that they once had in the military.



Mitch Juhl- Co Founder

Mitch grew up in the same small mid Michigan town. As a young kid mitch was passionate about sports, he eventually moved on to play collegiate baseball and studied business & marketing. Following college, Mitch began his career in real estate. Throughout that process, he learned valuable skills such as marketing on channels like Facebook and Google, customer service skills, and many more. Mitchell’s skillset is perfect for creating engaging marketing campaigns that help tell a story and create the Brave American experience.

Two years ago the founders teamed up to start the Brave American brand. Growing up as friends in the same town with complimentary skill sets that benefitted the business, they went all in on their idea and have made it into what it is today.

Brave American has sold close to 100,000 products to over 70,000 customers in just two short years while employing 25+ veterans.  Without the support of our customers, this business does not exist. So thank you for support!


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