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Thin Line Colors And Their Meanings

Posted on March 25 2021

Thin Line Colors And Their Meanings

Thin Line Colors & Their Meanings

Sometimes Thin Line colors and their meanings can be confused or misunderstood. Many organizations around the country show support for their brotherhood and sisterhood through the representation of Thin Colored Lines. These colors include but are not limited to blue, red, green, purple, orange, and white. Police, Fire, Armed Forces, Medical Services, Security, Search and Rescue, and other law enforcement organizations use Thin Line flags to depict camaraderie.

These lines can also be found on stickers, patches, coins, and label pins. Used as a symbol of pride, honor, and respect, these colors unite groups of people all around the U.S. Let’s breakdown 2 of the most common Thin Line colors:


Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line is the most common of the colors, and gained its recognition from the media, television and film industry, and colloquial sayings. Back in 1988, a documentary film called “The Thin Blue Line” by Errol Morris became very well-known due to the portrayal of the murder of Dallas Police Officer Robert W. Wood in 1976.

The color blue represents the ideals of justice, freedom, bravery, and solidarity. The uniforms of many police departments and patrol officers are the color blue. Sometimes people will use the term “Blue Blood” referring to being part of a noble family or blood line. The Thin Blue Line embodies the unbreakable component of law enforcement standing as a safety barrier between the law-abiding citizens of America and the criminally inclined. Similar to how the American flag pays tribute to the American people and the country's sacrifices to gain independence; the Thin Blue Line flag pays homage to our law enforcement. Displaying the flag in any forum demonstrates support to our law officers for their thankless efforts in keeping the peace across our great nation.


Red Line

The Thin Red Line is representative of the Fire Department and countless Fire Fighters who protect our citizens each and every day. It shows support and solidarity for our current fire service personnel, as well as those who have fallen. Historically, Fire Departments are known for their bright red fire trucks, red brick stations, and their red helmets. The color red is also symbolic of fire, too. Brave men and women use their “Thin Red Line of Courage” to push forward knowing that their efforts save lives, property, pets and community. Sometimes, they don’t make it back across that line to safety. Over at Brave American, our Thin Red Line flags and crosses honor all fire service personnel as both a tribute and reminder of the sacrifices made by our first responders.

There are many other colors out there representing other organizations such as Green for Military, Yellow for Security, Gold for Emergency Dispatchers, and Orange for Search and Rescue. Each one is designed to recognize the risks each group takes to save the lives of others, and their brave actions for the betterment of our country as a whole.