Small Concealment Flag – Brave American

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Small Concealment Flag

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  • 22 x Subdued
  • 23 x Blue Line
  • 24 x Red Line
  • 25 x Green Line
  • 23 x Army
  • 24 x Navy
  • 25 x Marine
  • 24 x Air Force
  • 22 x Coast Guard
  • 24 x Betsy Ross
$197.00 USD

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  • Small American Flag Concealment Cabinet

    Total Cabinet Size - 18X9X2.5

    Inside Opening - 12X5 3/4


    This American flag concealment cabinet is handcrafted by USA Veterans right here at our facility in Michigan. Our mission is to hire and give back to veterans. Every product purchased on our website helps us fulfill that mission. 

    This cabinet comes equipped with foam ( as pictured ) and you can simply cut out the shape of whatever object you would like to place inside the cabinet so it fits snug inside the foam.

    This cabinet is opened and closed using an RFID lock. You wave the card over the union and the lock unlocks. THIS IS NOT A SAFE. We do not suggest putting anything in this cabinet that you want to keep out of the hands of other individuals as this product is made of wood and could easily be broken into.