Front Porch Gnome Sign – Brave American

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Front Porch Gnome Sign

$49.99 USD
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  • Only 50 Gnomes Available

    You kept asking, so we answered. Our front porch Gnome is here! Read below to get all the details of this product launch.

    We have so many customers that go crazy about Gnomes. Many of you have been asking for a Gnome front porch sign. We wanted to come up with something unique rather than our traditional shaped front porch signs.

    We also wanted to change up the material it's made out of. This specific Gnome sign is made from a high quality and American sourced PVC material. It's rated for indoor and outdoor and will last a lifetime. 

    Our design team went through many mock ups before arriving with this design. It measures 46X8 inches and you can lean it on your front porch. We also have a feeling some of you might be decorating with this sign inside.

    As always, this sign was made by USA Veterans. We only have 50 of these signs made. Once they sell out we don't know how long it will be before they are brought back. Get your's now!



    Size- 46X8 inches

    Material- USA Sournce PVC ( indoor/outdoor rated )

    Application- UV Printed