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Betsy Ross Home Bundle ( SHIPS IN 24 HOURS )

$89.99 USD
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     Today we release our value packed Betsy Ross Home Bundle. The first thing you're asking is, why are only 14 of these available? Simple, we are discontinuing our Betsy Ross flag and Home Sweet Home decor. These will be the last 14 of these EVER sold.

    Let's start with what you're going to receive in this bundle

    • (1) 18X11 Wooden Betsy Ross UV Printed Flag.
    • (1) Home Sweet Home Metal Decor
    • (1) Wooden American Cross
    • (1) FREE Betsy Ross Desktop Flag
    • (1) FREE $10 Gift Card To Our Store
    • (1) FREE Car/Laptop Decal

    Our Betsy Ross Flag is beautifully UV printed on 3/4 inch wood. It comes equipped with a hanger on the back or these go great on mantles or shelves. It's 100% Veteran made and every flag is made here in Michigan. We believe in USA made products and this products no different. We have discontinued this product and these will be the last ones ever sold.

    Our home sweet home sign is roughly 18 inches wide. You can hang it or lean it on a shelf or mantle. It's powder coated black and is sure to last a lifetime. It's a very modern and quality built piece of decor. These are being discontinued as well and will not be around much longer.

     Now for our most popular Wooden American Cross. We have sold over 100,000 of these and today we are including in your bundle. Made from USA sourced pine and signed by the Veteran who made it, these are a statement piece. If you love God & Country, then this is for you. It comes equipped with a hanger on the back and 14 of these will be sold at an amazing price today in this bundle.

    We are also throwing in a FREE Betsy Ross Desktop Flag. This flag matches the larger flag and these are great decor piece for a home or office desk. These are made from USA sourced wood and stand on their own. These desktop flags are also being discontinued.

    We also are going to throw in a $10 gift card for FREE. This means when your bundle arrives, you can take this gift card and go shopping on our store. Enjoy!

    Lastly, we are throwing in our car/laptop decal. These are transfer stickers which means high quality and indoor/outdoor rated. We are throwing this is today for FREE


    These ship in 24 hours or less. Only 14 available.